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Latine Name: Monarda fistulosa


Blooms: Purple, Mid-Summer to Late Summer

Seeds or Berries Ripen: Autumn

Spreads Best Via: Seeds

Moisture: Medium-Wet, Medium, Medium-Dry, Dry

Light Requirements: Full Sun to Part Shade

Soil Type: Sand, Laom, Clay

Cultural Location: Prairies, Wood Edges, Roadsides
Height: 60 - 120cm

Spacing: 30cm

Propagation: Rhizomes and Seeds

Germination Code: A

Edibility: Minimal

Wildlife Benefits: Pollinators and Hummingbirds

Deer Resistant: Yes

Transplanting: It can be done, but the plant isn’t a big fan of it. Needs a lot of watering.


Winter Interest: Moderate

Wild Bergamot

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