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Latin Name: Anaphalis margaritacea


Blooms: Summer to Early Autumn, White with Yellow, Separate Male and Female Flowers, Often on Separate Plants

Seeds or Berries Ripen: Autumn

Spreads Best Via: Rhizomes and Seeds

Moisture: Medium to Dry

Light Requirements: Full to Partial Sun

Soil Type: Loam, Sand

Cultural Location: Moist Meadows, By Rivers, Sandy Areas, Wasteland Areas
Height: 60 cm

Spacing: 30 - 90 cm

Propagation: Seeds and Plant Division

Germination Code: C (30)

Wildlife Benefits: Some Pollinators. Host Plant for the American Lady - Venessa virginiensis in the Spring

Deer Resistant: Yes

Transplanting: Easy


Winter Interest: Minimal

Pearly Everlasting

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